TribeTech podcast, The Future of Working in Tech: Where’s the Talent?

We’ve been having such a great time making the podcasts, especially since every single person we’ve spoken to has said we need to promote the fact that all tech roads do not lead to London. Being in the South West is a positive choice, which means we have SO MUCH TO SHOUT ABOUT.

Both of us love gadgets, but tech is so much more, and it’s wonderful that we have this platform to talk about everything that is going on, so much of it dedicated to changing lives for the better.  I remember having a chat after the Tech South West Awards to some colleagues, who were gobsmacked to find TDK Lamda were based in Ilfracombe while other ground-breaking companies were attracting global attention from the not so sleepy West Country.

There is so much happening here, and our first three podcasts felt like a whirlwind. We covered a thousand topics and learnt so much. But we’ve realised, we need to devote more time to our guests – there is far too much to talk about, and frankly 45 minutes in a podcast isn’t enough!

Some of the highlights so far for us has been going to the Bristol Tech fair and meeting Dr Zara Nanu from Gapsquare, who’s doing great work in shrinking the gender pay gap, finding out more about Pyrocore, which has found an extraordinary way to get rid of waste and being very inspired by the work done by Mark Fitzsimons and Kate Schofield at Plymouth University who are creating workable soil from rubbish.

More recently, we also loved chatting to the guys at Elixel, who are also on our fourth podcast, they have some very insightful things to say about recruiting young talent in tech jobs, besides also being the creators of possibly the best (and only?) office tea and coffee round app, as well as being the founders of Digital Plymouth.

We’re really excited about the next couple of months, there’s still so much to talk about and we absolutely love how doing this podcast has introduced us to the most interesting people.

If you haven’t already listened, why not? Here’s how Enjoy and get involved on Twitter @TechSW_Official


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