TribeTech Podcast: Business After Coronavirus

Written by Feyaza Khan, TribeTech Podcast host

It felt quite strange going to the Stephens Scown offices to record our podcast on whether technology is moving faster than legislation. We’d prepped quite a bit for this, and had a few people DM us with questions to ask our guest as part of the podcast, which were so varied in topics, that we knew it was going to be an interesting listen.

The government advice at the time was to work from home if possible and limit meetings to around 50. But, it also felt silly not to go into the offices when we were ten minutes away, and only interviewing one person plus we were still sticking to all the government advice, including not touching. We didn’t talk about the podcast on the way to meet our guest, Ben Travers – the legal tech expert at Stephens Scown, all we talked about was coronavirus. And again, once we saw Ben, all we talked about was coronavirus and so we realised that we just couldn’t do the podcast we had originally planned. So much had changed and was changing as we spoke, that it seemed ridiculous, churlish, even, to focus on anything else.

Ben told us about how businesses who had initially rejected a digitised system were now moving quickly to one so that they could continue to provide for their clients, and he also warned about GDPR laws and how SMEs needed to make sure they were still sticking to the rules while home-working with tips to do this.

Talking to Ben made us feel more positive about the future of working once we all hopefully come out the other side of COVID-19. The one thing we can take away from all of this is we are now, more than ever, committed to collaboration, working together in partnerships and building our communities for a better and more secure future with tech at the heart of it all.


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