Directory of STEMM Events

Introduction to ScratchMaths: a great resource for improving mathematical thinking through programming at KS2

We’re super excited to be sharing an overview of the ScratchMaths Curriculum: a 2-year computing and mathematics based curriculum for KS2 learners designed and trialled by a team based at University College London. It’s aim is to enable children to engage with and explore important mathematical ideas through learning to programme, using the free online programming environment Scratch.
Organisation: West Country Computing Hub
Organiser: Sophie Brown

Enriching secondary computing with STEM Ambassadors in Devon & East Dorset

This short introductory course demonstrates the value that STEM Ambassadors can add to the computing curriculum and the extra-curricular offer. Bringing these industry volunteers into the classroom can help make computing more relevant to young people, allowing them to consider computing as a future study and career option. STEM Ambassadors are great role models from the local area from the local area from a range of backgrounds.
Organisation: West Country Computing Hub
Organiser: Sophie Brown

Graduate and undergraduate placements

Chess Dynamics already provide work experience, undergraduate and graduate positions in the Plymouth and Horsham facility. Normally attend that the Bath & Plymouth university careers fair
Organisation: Chess Dynamics
Organiser: Kerry Barnes

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