South West Growth Summit

Chairman Toby Parkins reports from the South West Growth Summit.

A key outcome of the South West Growth Summit held in Exeter on Friday October 20 was that Digital is a clear strategic theme for the South West region to champion.

This will not only benefit those businesses who consider themselves inside the digital tech sector, but also other businesses across many other sectors who want to utilise technology to help grow and become more productive.

Strategically we are in such a good position within the South West region and I really do hope the Great South West regional strategy moves forward successfully with Digital technology as one of its key themes.

The next steps will be to help contribute to the asking of Government as to how it can help invest in and support the region to grow the digital sector landscape.

Growing the industry will of course only happen if we all collaborate to grow our own individual businesses. One key way we can achieve this is through identifying potential opportunities to work together or to cross refer new business.

The range of incredibly interesting tech companies across the South West means we, as a region, can provide solutions for so many niche requirements, and that itself will help us earn a greater reputation as a stronger IT industry community.


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