Shining the Spotlight on South West Sustainable Tech

With the South West known for its wealth of green space, agriculture, amazing coastlines and, of course, its place in the global tech sector, it’s no wonder sustainable tech is developing quickly in the region.

Based in a small town near Exeter, Lightfoot are pioneering the world’s first technology to reward better drivers, encouraging less fuel and fewer harmful emissions. Their results have seen a 0.35t decrease in CO2 reduction per commuter, with around 30,000 Lightfoot drivers currently on the road. The company have invested in a Breathe Exeter initiative, which aims to make the city recognised for fighting air pollution.

This collaboration between the University of Plymouth and the Eden Project aims to ‘create’ fertile and nutrient-rich soil from recycled and waste materials. The FABsoil project opens up the possibility of alternatives to natural soil, supporting global soil conservation measures and addressing the issue of food security across the world.

LettUs Grow
Creating cutting-edge technology for greenhouses and vertical farms, LettUs Grow are developing aquaponic systems alongside integrated software to tackle the challenges of food security, waste and CO2 emissions from traditional agriculture.

OVO Energy
As one of Bristol’s tech unicorns, OVO Energy is highlighting the brilliant things happening in the South West sector. The energy provider aims to make energy ‘cheaper, greener and more affordable’ through smart technology, and have recently launched the world’s first widely-available Vehicle-to-Grid Charger to accelerate the global transition to electric cars.

Celebrating Sustainable Tech with the Tech South West Awards

The Tech South West Awards’ Sustainable Tech category celebrates individuals and organisations that have made great strides over the past 12 months in sustainable tech, be that a specific product, the overall company ethos and activity, through innovative new approaches, new partnerships, collaborations or initiatives that promote and achieve sustainable successes.

Examples could be product development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs, and creating sustainable programmes embedded across an organisation.

Find out more about the Tech South West Awards:


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