Losingthewires Ltd

We provide a range of products and services covering End User Computing including the design, implementation and management of laptops. mac OS devices, iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones and tablets.

We have recently focussed more on sustainable solutions that do more with less (fewer devices, less carbon/materials used as fewer devices, less energy used and resulting emissions), keep older equipment being used for longer and helping to save travel to end users, thus reducing carbon footprints and associated impacts.

These include:

1. Peripherals to transform some smartphones into desktop and laptop form factors, negating the need for separate Windows laptops and desktops.

2. Low energy, electricity Raspberry Pi based thin clients and desktop computers for consuming VDi/Cloud PCs and web based content.

3. Repurposing services that mean you can keep your devices for longer even if Microsoft stops supporting the OS, so you don’t have to replace them

4. A simple to use, 4G enabled (SIM included) Care Tablet designed to be used by more immobile, elderly or slightly cognitively impaired end users that enables them to video call friends, family, carers, medical staff etc. that helps alleviate feelings of isolation/loneliness.

5. The above tablet can be enhanced with additional applications to support in-house medical monitoring via Bluetooth connected medica tech to support Virtual Wards and Hospital@Home etc.


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