“Just get on and do it!”: an interview with Andy Doyle, founder of Filmily

Andy Doyle is the founder of Filmily, sponsor of the Tech South West CreaTech Award 2023.

What do the Tech South West Awards mean to you?

It’s really great to showcase what is happening in the region. There is far too much press around technology especially AI right now which is focused on London Manchester Bristol et cetera. 

It’s also great to be able to find out what everyone is doing so we can collaborate on projects and keep the money flowing within the South West. It’s also brilliant to see how pleased people are when they win awards, and these are genuine awards rather than the ones you end up paying for.

What inspires Filmily to support the South West tech ecosystem?

Supporting the awards is actually a really great marketing exercise, let’s just be honest there!

Being attached to all the content that Tech South West puts out raises the profile of all the companies involved, and helps individuals.  

Having a thriving community in the South West is also something that helps when trying to win bigger projects, or winning clients from abroad who traditionally would focus on London. 

The more marketing we can do for this region the less explanation we have to make when talking to these people.

What advice would you give to aspiring tech entrepreneurs or startups aiming to make a significant impact in the industry?

If someone’s got an idea and they really believe in it, the number one thing I would say is: “just get on and do it!” 

Don’t just hide behind processes and paperwork, otherwise you end up like all the other people with ideas. 

Implementation is everything, and understanding that it’s okay to fail is also 100% true. We will come up with ideas, and we need to also be pliable. 

What you think is correct one day will need to tweak and change the next because the world moves on, other projects get launched, new technologies will affect what you’re doing. 

The projects which traditionally fail in my opinion are the ones where people are too fixated on being right with their initial thought process. Look at the last two or three years – NFTs were everything and the most important thing. So was blockchain and cryptocurrency. Then suddenly ChatGPT arrived and everybody is shouting about AI. In 2024 AI will be more normalised, especially the natural language versions we see now, and there will be something new. 

Another acronym, I guess.

Finally, what makes the South West tech sector a great community to be a part of?

I think people in the South West have mostly moved here for a reason. It’s a bunch of people who have chosen to live away from the capital city and have a focus on lifestyle as well as business. 

When you have a lot of people with a matching focus, that’s what makes a community.

Filmily is a fan engagement platform that enables brands to leverage the power of their global fanbase. The firm has worked with clients worldwide including Formula E, the San Francisco 49ers and the David Bowie Experience.

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