How to win a Tech South West Award 2022: Top Tips

On Friday 10 June we held an online How to Win a Tech South West Award event, bringing together sponsors, judges and previous winners to provide insight and tips on how to put together a winning entry.

Headline Partner Bishop Fleming shared their perspective on the awards, having supported the event since its inception four years ago.

We’ve distilled the 60 minutes of discussion into 10 top tips for your organisation to put together a winning entry.

Give them a read and go to to get your entries in!

Our tips on how to win a Tech South West Award

1: Plan

Don’t leave it to the last minute (though we know some of you will!)

2: Target

Choose the right categories. Read the description, tailor each entry to that category.

3: Be real

Reflect what you do, your culture, your people.

4: Story

Impress the judges with a story and make your entry an uplifting read.

5: Clarity

Jargon impresses no one and can confuse.

6: Evidence

Include relevant facts and figures, data and testimonials.

7: Attention to detail

Try and get the facts, grammar and syntax right. Ask colleagues to double check your entry.

8: Be succinct

Don’t overdo it. Get to the point, tell a great story, back it up with concise evidence.

9: Have fun

Have fun with it. Pour energy into your entry. Judges want positivity.

10: Next year

Set up a file now to store away potential award-winning material – great projects, testimonials, evidence, and build it as you go!


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