Harnessing technology with invoice automation

By Bishop Fleming

The need to automate manual “process driven” tasks has never been greater, especially since COVID darkened our doors.

We’ve seen countless challenges impacting small businesses over the past couple of years and saving their employees time (especially on manual data entry) has been at the forefront of employers’ minds.

A huge increase in the number of employees working remotely and a natural shift from historic manual invoicing and data entry has seen a new age of digital accounting and online invoicing.

With this big shift in how businesses operate you may be at risk of being left in the dark ages!

To help bring your accounting system into the modern world we regularly advise our clients on the benefits of automating their Sales and purchase invoice systems.

Not only do these systems reduce the amount of manual data entry, but they also work as digital store for original invoices. This means that you will no longer have to keep paper copies of invoices for the 6 years, as required by HMRC.

The use of automated Accounts payable systems also satisfies the digital link criteria for “Making Tax Digital for VAT” – which has recently become mandatory for all VAT registered business.

These systems integrate seamlessly with most cloud based and some desktop-based accounting packages, so just because you’re not fully online, doesn’t mean you can’t get the advantages of these systems.

Bishop Fleming has a dedicated teams of cloud accounting experts that are up to date on the cloud accounting market who can help steer you into choosing and implementing the best systems for your business.

We offer an initial free scoping consultation (up to 1 hour) with one of our experienced and qualified staff, spending the time in the call to understand your business and your current systems.

This ensures that our recommendations work for your business and give you the best results. So, speak to one of our cloud accounting experts today to see if they can help you make your processes more efficient, saving you both time and money!


  • Minimises manual data entry into your accounting system.
  • Reduces the number of physical records required to be held and stored by company.
  • Frees up your employees to deliver on the jobs that are going to add value to your business.
  • Reduces the amount of human error from miscoding or duplication.


  • You’ll kick yourself for not doing it sooner!!

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