Gaming glory: Creating a winning talent strategy

Exeter-based IT firm Timewade recently won the Esports Festival SW, delivered by Tech South West and Exeter College.

Hear from Jordan Westcott, Operations Director at Timewade, about how they create a winning talent strategy in and out of the gaming arena.

We’re all about creating an awesome work environment, developing a robust talent strategy and building a strong brand culture. Recently, our team took part in the second South West Esports Festival with Tech South West, where we competed as one of 20 teams in a Rocket League tournament at Exeter College. Not only did we come out victorious, but the win perfectly aligns with our dedication to supporting our employees’ growth and creating a fun, engaging place to work.

Attracting and keeping top talent requires a solid game plan. That’s why we invest in our employees’ growth and development, to create an environment where they can flourish. We want them to have the skills and tools they need to rock their roles.

Our brand culture is the secret sauce that sets us apart. We believe that a fantastic work environment translates into success. When our employees feel supported and fulfilled, they bring their A-game and become ambassadors of our brand. We want our team to have a blast at work, and have an atmosphere where people are excited to come to work.

When the opportunity arose to take part in the Esports Festival again, we couldn’t pass up on the chance to get in on the action. As a team of techies, many who first sparked their passion for technology through gaming, it perfectly aligned with who we are as a team, and a company.

We love when our employees can bring their interests into their work. By supporting our team members’ passion for gaming, and giving them opportunities to shine, we can show our commitment to their personal growth and happiness at work.

Our victory showcased our team’s skills, determination, and teamwork, and it was brilliant to see them receive the trophy for all their hard work. Ultimately, taking part in events like this helps us attract top talent. We might even need to include ‘skilled in Rocket League’ in our future job requirements. After all, we’ll be back next year to defend our crown.

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