Innovation event

Innovation Driving Growth

A new event series as part of the BCP Bounce Back initiative, powered by Silicon South, Dorset Growth Hub & Dorset Chamber
About this event
Get to grips with the innovations driving forward business success in 2022!

After 18 months of turbulence, it’s never been more vital to improve how we deliver growth and efficiency.Meanwhile, the past 3 years has revolutionised how digital technology is helping companies to broaden markets, cut costs, and transform operations. What were viewed as cutting-edge solutions are becoming increasingly mainstream. They can offer proven and tested solutions, but at an early-enough stage, still, to achieve competitive advantage.

The Innovation Driving Growth event is designed for business leaders to gain an in-depth overview of the most ‘oven-ready’ solutions delivering the biggest impacts. The focus is less about the technology itself and more about the business opportunities being achieved through these innovations.

The morning will feature a range of business heads who have blazed a trail, by adopting new technology to improve their work practices – in areas such as:

• Converting prospect customers

• Building new product offerings

• Improving product and operational processes

• Retaining Customers and generating more repeat business

• Managing staff, partners and customers

• Reducing costs and overheads

The technology areas to be examined will focus on:

• Connecting devices, products and machinery to the internet (e.g. internet of things)

• Exploiting readily-available and newly-produced data to improve production, customer intelligence and even create brand new products

• Deploying smart computing software to automate and accelerate resource-heavy processes, to speed up results or free up staff time (e.g. machine learning and artificial intelligence)

This event will be a hybrid of in-person attendance, but also the option to attend virtually, to ensure everybody has the opportunity to learn but in comfort.

Want to appear on the virtual guest list? Make sure you tick the box on the sign up form that you are happy for your logo to appear on our Attendees page on the Innovation Driving Growth section on the Silicon South website.


Oct 07 2021


8:30 am - 1:00 pm


Silicon South