BIAS – Bristol Interactive AI Summer School

The UKRI CDT in Interactive AI at the University of Bristol is organising a summer school on interactive, human-in-the-loop AI.

About this event

Join us for this unique online event to learn about machine learning and other forms of data-driven AI, intelligent reasoning and other forms of knowledge-intensive AI, human-AI interaction, and how to do all this in a responsible manner. For four half-days you will learn about the fundamentals and latest progress in these key areas of AI from a range of international experts.

The School is aimed at PhD students and early-career researchers in AI and neighbouring areas. AI practitioners are also welcome to participate. Attendance is free, but you need to register in advance. You will get the most out of the School if you attend all four days, but it is possible to participate on specific days only.

Full programme details to follow.

Our Provisional Programme (time indications in BST, subject to change)

Thursday 2nd of September 14:30 – 18:00: Interactive AI. Speakers:

  • Dr Martin Porcheron
  • Dr Alison Smith-Renner
  • Prof. Ben Shneiderman

Friday 3rd of September PM 13 :30 – 17:00: Knowledge-intensive AI . Speakers:

  • Prof. Pinar Yolum
  • Dr Jeff Pan
  • Prof. Pascal Hitzler

Monday 6th of September AM 09:00 – 12:00: Responsible AI. Speakers:

  • Prof. Toby Walsh
  • Dr Nirav Ajmeri & Dr. Pradeep Murukannaiah

Tuesday 7th of September PM 13 :30 – 17:00: Data-Driven. Speakers:

  • Prof. Robert Jenssen
  • Jonas Pfeiffer
  • Dr Dario Garcia Garcia


You may think that we chose a poor acronym for the School. After all, bias is a bad thing, particularly in AI, right? It turns out that things are a bit more complicated than that. For one thing, certain forms of bias can be unavoidable, in which case it is important to understand its manifestation and effects, and how to mitigate against them. And in a technical sense, (inductive) bias is what makes machine learning possible, as a perfectly unbiased learner will be unable to generalise beyond the training data. These are exactly the kinds of topics that you can expect to be discussed during the School!

About the Interactive AI CDT

This UKRI Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Interactive Artificial Intelligence is training the next generation of innovators and research leaders in responsible, data-driven and knowledge-intensive human-in-the-loop AI systems, enabling them to responsibly solve societally important problems. Our 4-year PhD programme delivers cohorts of highly-trained PhD graduates with the skills to design and implement complex interactive AI pipelines.

What is Interactive AI?

‘Interactive AI’ as a research objective means combining the research pillars of the CDT in both research methodologies and outputs. The pillars are: 1. Data-Driven: techniques such as machine learning and data science; 2. Knowledge-driven: subjects such as knowledge representation, reasoning and argumentation and uncertainty modelling; 3. Human-Computer Interaction: objectives such as human-in-the-loop, human-centred or and transparency (FAT or FAccT).

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Sep 02 - 07 2021


All Day