StartUp Studio: An interview with David Smee

An interview with David Smee, Founder of Bristol-based electronics startup AniBotics.

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AniBotics is one of ten companies taking part in the Tech South West StartUp Studio, a new accelerator programme for early-stage tech startups in the South West. The programme is delivered in partnership with Activate and Skowt Consulting, with support from Astley Media, RSM, Azure and Granted Consultancy.

How are you finding the TSW StartUp Studio programme so far?

The TSW startup studio has given AniBotics a very positive injection of support to make the business investable at a crucial time for our growth.

What has been the hardest part of the accelerator programme?

The hardest part is balancing the accelerator tasks with all the ones you already have, but it’s easy to find motivation when you truly believe in what you’re doing.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve taken from the programme so far?

Best advice so far – actually Andy Doyle’s [mentor and co-founder of Filmily] advice/quote about AniBotics: “I f**king love it”.

What do you hope to get out of the programme – personally and for the business?

Personally, good connections to SW startup people through mentors and the cohort group. For business, I believe the StartUp Studio will move me closer to angel investors for a seed round over the next couple of months as I seek match funding for further product development and research.


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