How to create an effective B2B digital marketing campaign plan in 2021

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What is a digital marketing campaign plan?

A digital marketing campaign is a strategic way of promoting your business, which can be based around promoting your brand, your offering or key information you need to communicate to a digital audience through means such as websites, email, social media or digital press. 

Digital campaigns can work really well as a way of reaching a mass, targeted audience by encouraging two-way engagement. A huge benefit of digital campaigns is also the ability to track outcomes such as clicks or purchases meaning you have an effective way of measuring against marketing KPIs. However, any successful campaign needs a good strong plan, think of this as your blueprint. 

Why do you need a digital marketing campaign plan?

Whether you’re a big business, a small business or anything in between, a campaign strategy is essential. A strategic plan helps you to organise and execute the actions you need to implement the campaign. 

How to create an effective digital marketing campaign plan

As with any type of marketing plan it can be useful to start with an audit to look at the market opportunity, what competitors are doing, internal/external factors that could affect the campaign etc. – it can be useful to bring the audit findings together in a SWOT diagram to refer back to as you are working on the development of the plan.

The next step is to put together the overall plan. It doesn’t always have to be really long, sometimes a page or two will suffice, but the benefit of having a structure is that you can then add to it or change it as you go whilst having something you (and other team members) can refer back to. It also helps to show the rationale behind campaign decisions and acts as a checklist for everything you need to do..

A good digital campaign plan structure should include:

  • SMART digital campaign objectives (that link to your overall marketing and organisational objectives)
  • Specific targeting strategies that will help reach these objectives (for example it could be a new product launch or a brand reposition)
  • Audience and segmentation (if required e.g. by geographical or demographical traits)
  • Key campaign messages and the call to action
  • What digital platforms do the audience(s) use and what type of content will engage them (either from research or past experience)
  • An action plan including a list of digital assets, a budget and timeline
  • Measurement tools e.g. analytics reports

Once you are happy with your plan make sure you share with your team and be prepared to be agile along the way. Measure your progress and make changes as required. A/B testing can also be useful when trying out new digital campaigns in order to set what achieves results.

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