Connecting the dots with DOT PROJECT

We’re excited to have a diverse, interesting group of South West innovators, change makers and techies making up our brilliant judging panel for the 2019 Tech South West Awards. At Tech South West we’re all about connecting the dots across the region’s tech sector, so who better to join the panel than the DOT PROJECT? Judge Annie Legge talks about why the initiative wanted to get involved with the awards…

“At DOT PROJECT we believe firmly in the power of positivity, celebration and finding enjoyment in our work, this is what enables us to thrive. Work can be hard, change can be hard – but, in the words of Desiderata, it’s important to enjoy your achievements as well as your plans.

Taking a moment to reflect on the journey you have taken to reach where you are today matters.  In many cases you may have ended up being somewhere quite different from where you expected to be. Reflecting on the journey that has passed enables you to recognise the effort you have put in, the work you have achieved and the challenges you have overcome. It takes many small steps to reach our ambitions.  

This is one of the reasons we’re really happy to be involved with the Tech South West Awards, to celebrate and showcase the South West’s technology sector – the talent, creativity, business success, education, leadership, commitment to diversity and more.

The awards showcase organisations who are aligned with what we are really passionate about including Sustainable Tech, Commitment to Diversity and Tech Leadership.  Furthermore the South West is a region we love, we’re excited to see who’s doing what across this diverse region – from the Scilly Isles to Bristol, we know there is so much talent to celebrate across the region. We hope that the awards find some of the organisations who rarely get noticed or acknowledged but who are achieving real change within the communities in which they work.

Not only is the South West technology scene evolving economically it is also leading the way in responsible business. At DOT PROJECT we care about the communities we work with and support. Through our commitment to Tech4Good South-West we focus on building stronger connections between the social and tech sector and supporting regional communities. We are also proud to be a coop organisation and celebrate diversity as part of our core values and approach so we can’t wait to see the entries for the Commitment to Diversity award and to really showcase what our region can achieve!”

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