The Angel Investor Programme (AIP) aims to address funding gaps and foster innovation to drive economic growth by identifying, educating, and supporting new individual investors, and building a diverse investment community in the Great South West. This collaborative venture involves key partners Tech South West, Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Growth Hub, Heart of the South West Growth Hub, North Devon Council, Torridge Council, Cornwall LEP, Dorset LEP, Heart of the South West LEP, and the British Business Bank.

With a collective mission to identify, educate, and support 40 new angel investors, prioritising diversity, this strategic initiative is your opportunity to make a lasting impact. By contributing to an annual injection of £2.8 million in angel investment and a remarkable £9 million total funding boost, those involved with the programme will hold the power to shape the narrative outlined in the South West Intelligence Report, addressing critical underinvestment and fragmentation challenges.

"With only 5% of UK angel investment finding its way to our region, primarily in Bristol, and limited awareness among potential investors, persistent funding disparities, especially for diverse and female founders, have persisted.

“This initiative is our response to these obstacles, aiming to empower individuals, form new angel groups, support startups, and lay the foundation for an enduring legacy of innovation. Our goal is to cultivate a diverse community that thrives well beyond the project’s conclusion, stimulating economic growth, generating high-tech jobs, and nurturing our rapidly expanding tech ecosystem.”

Ben Cooper

Funding and Support Lead, Tech South West

Ben Cooper, Tech South West
Business people

The AIP is designed for professionals, private banks, wealth managers, and Chamber of Commerce enthusiasts to play an instrumental part in fostering a dynamic angel community. As a prospective angel, your involvement can empower individuals, form new angel groups, and support startups. Guided by a dedicated team, including a 'Super Connector' and an 'Angel Lead,' this initiative strategically collaborates with local incubators, accelerators, science parks, universities, and clusters to unlock unprecedented opportunities.

To contribute to this transformative initiative, prospective angels are encouraged to get in touch via the form below and play a vital role in shaping the future of the South West tech ecosystem.

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Events to get involved with

As part of the programme, we're heading around the region in 2024 to share insight about how to become and angel investor and promote the project.

9 July

Tech Leaders' Summit

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23 October

Tech Investment Summit

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Tech South West Awards

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3 steps to get started as an investor

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Step 1

Read up on free resources and learn about the basics of angel investing.

Step 2

Map out your investment thesis to discover what types of startups you should invest in.

Step 3

Complete the Open Angel Investor Quiz to find a starting point for your angel investing journey.

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